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Bullseye  Physician Contracting, the OIG, and the DOJ: 2016 Year in Review

Bullseye  Dealing with Government Regulatory Intervention

Bullseye  Read This Before Your Next Physician Contract Negotiation

Bullseye  Physician Costs Rising and Other Findings from 2016 MD Ranger Reports

Bullseye  Commercial Reasonableness: Testing and Documentation

Bullseye  6 Compliance Pitfalls in Hospital-Based Physician Contracts

Bullseye  Steering Clear of the Anti-Kickback Statute

Bullseye  Key Takeaways from HCCA's 2016 Compliance Institute

Bullseye  Finding the Best Market Range for FMV

Bullseye  Granting Exclusivity, What's It Worth?

Bullseye  Medical Staff Officers - Who Pays and How Much?

Bullseye  Key Considerations for Community Hospitals when Contracting for Pediatric Physician Services

Bullseye  Physician Contracting and the OIG: 2015 Review

Bullseye  Improving Physician Contract Compliance

Bullseye  Medical Director Contracts: Challenges and Opportunities

Bullseye  When Specialty Doesn't Matter, How Much Should You Pay?

Bullseye  Federal Regulations and the Risk to Physicians

Bullseye  Addressing Outlier Physician Payments

Bullseye  Calculating Opportunity Cost in Physician Contracts

Bullseye  Quick Changes for Big Impact: Compliance Tips You Can Use Today

Bullseye  9 Factors That Influence Physician Contract Rates

Bullseye  How Much is Enough: When Do You Have Too Many Medical Directors?

Bullseye  What Everyone Should Know About Hospital-Based Physician Contracts

Bullseye  Making Physician Contracting More Efficient

Bullseye  Five Can’t Miss Physician Contracting Compliance Tips

Bullseye  Using Market Data for FMV: Our Six-Step Guide

Bullseye  Multi-Campus Physician Call and Administrative Contracts: Impact on Payment Rates and Time Requirements

Bullseye  7 Tips for Effective Contract Negotiations

Bullseye  How Does Geography Influence Physician Contract Rates?

Bullseye  Why Benchmarks Can Change from Year to Year

Bullseye  Alternatives to Call Coverage Per Diems

Bullseye  Market Conditions Contributing to Commercial Reasonableness



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