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Standard Reports

MD Ranger's reports deliver comprehensive, easy-to-use benchmarks for a wide range of call coverage, medical direction, leadership positions, administrative services, hospital-based group services, and diagnostic testing. Benchmarks are calculated with hospital-verified data and a proprietary contract database, encompassing more than 325 hospitals from 30 states and over 28,000 contracts.

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Call Coverage and Administrative Services Benchmark Report

Call Coverage

This report contains percentile ranges for 50 call coverage services. Included in the reports are the following:

  • Mean, median, 25th percentile, 75th percentile, and 90th percentile per diem payments
  • Proportion of facilities that do not compensate physicians for call services
  • Types of physician payment structures (per diem, per episode, uncompensated care payments, etc)
  • Other important contract elements, including hospital payer mix and size, whether physician activities are restricted while on call, trauma status, and the number of sites covered by a panel.

Medical Direction, Leadership, and Non-Director Administrative Services

This report details physician contract payment ranges for 90 medical directorship, 15 non-director administrative, and seven leadership services. In addition to payment rate benchmarks, the report includes:

  • Minimum and/or maximum hours per year
  • Total compensation per year and per hour
  • The relationship, if any, between compensation rate and physician specialty
  • Proportion of facilities that do not compensate physicians for medical direction or administrative duties

Hospital-Based Services, Diagnostic Testing, and Hospital-Based Clinics Report

This report includes services covered by physician groups contracting with a hospital to provide comprehensive medical services, including on-site coverage, on-call or emergency department coverage, clinical professional services, and administrative services. We report on the scope of service, compensation methods, and the relationships between rates and beds, census, and other significant factors, including:

  • Stipend payments
  • Global payment caps
  • Incentive payments
  • Per diem coverage equivalents
  • Administrative services

Total Facility Benchmarking Report

This report analyzes hospital spending on non-employed physician contracts. Total spending amounts per facility are calculated by summing annualized values for the totality of contracts across the organization. Taking each facility as a data point, a distribution of total spending can be formed, and percentile benchmarks computed. These reports provide valuable information on where your organization ranks with peers.

Custom Reports

MD Ranger benchmarks may be used to evaluate unique physician contracting situations and significant factors that affect physician compensation, such as scope of service, depth of coverage, provision for unsponsored patients, multi-campus arrangements, and dual-panel arrangements. When it cannot, custom reports and consulting services will be available through MD Ranger and its affiliated consulting firms, Cattaneo & Stroud, Inc. and HealthWorks, Inc. to analyze unusual circumstances or positions.