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Physician Reports

How much should you be compensated for emergency call coverage? Are the hours per month you’re expected to work as a medical director reasonable? Are you being paid fairly for the non-clinical duties you’re performing? Market data can be a powerful tool to answer these questions, and more.

While there is no straightforward answer for determining physician compensation, you can easily access reliable, hospital-verified market data to help work towards a number is easy. Understanding the relevant data for your region, type of hospital, market, service, and specialty will further negotiations, ensure you are being paid fairly and similarly to like-physicians, and increase your confidence in asking for what you need.

Feel secure when entering contract negotiations with your hospital’s administrators. Access MD Ranger’s specialty benchmark data today and feel secure when entering contract negotiations with your hospital’s administrators.

Your custom MD Ranger report will show benchmarks for your specialty and include helpful information like:

  • Profile of hospitals included in database, plus different data cuts from different types of organizations to best match your position
  • Mean, 25th, 50th, 75th, and 90th percentiles of payment rates for your specialty
  • Benchmark your current payment rate against our national database in graphical format
  • Complimentary white paper with negotiation tips and guidance
  • Telephone consultation regarding calculations and underlying data
  • General advice on the appropriate use of the report

To learn how to effectively negotiate your contract rate with hospital administrators, download Using Market Data to Negotiate Your Payment Rate: A Guide for Physicians by entering the following information.