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What Sets Us Apart

MD Ranger’s database of over 17,000 contracts gives you unparalleled access to physician compensation market data and provides intuitive tools to analyze physician costs and reduce reliance on FMV opinions.

Here’s how we're different:

  • Unlike other physician compensation surveys, we collect data directly from hospitals. Not only does this allow us to produce the highest quality benchmarks available, we can analyze contracts and produce reports on total spending and percent hospitals paying for services.
  • Our strict interpretation of the Anti-Trust Safety Zone guidelines produces larger sample sizes. We interpret five providers to mean five hospital corporations or health systems, not five individual physicians.
  • Because of our unique data collection methodology, MD Ranger is the only source that provides what percentage of subscribing hospitals pay for a service.
  • We are the only company that produces hospital-based physician stipends and contract benchmarks, including incentive payments and per test/episode.
  • We benchmark hard-to-find rates like diagnostic testing services and non-director administrative services, like quality initiatives, IT/EHR, and teaching services.
  • A subscription provides organization-specific tools that identify potential compliance risks and opportunities for cost reduction, as well as single contract reports to document fair market value compliance.