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Database and Security

MD Ranger reports are based on a robust database of physician contract information. The database is made up of subscriber contract data, as well as proprietary data drawn from our partner firms’ fair market value opinions and consulting.

Subscribers submit their data through a secure, intuitive online tool that collects information on call coverage, administrative, and hospital-based services.

The MD Ranger database allows us to provide ongoing identification of trends and factors affecting contract terms such as geography, scope of services, and historical rates.

Data Collection

MD Ranger captures hospital characteristics to allow statistical analysis of factors that affect payment terms to help facilities evaluate physician fair market value. Other demographics included in MD Ranger's database are: hospital size, location, census, ownership, trauma status, and teaching status.

Additional information collected includes:

  • Whether a service is offered, but a physician is not paid
  • Depth of coverage
  • Type of payment received (per diem, collection guarantee, per episode)
  • Payment, if any, for patients without insurance
  • Restrictions on a physician's practice while on-call
  • 24-hour in-house coverage requirements
  • Single hospital or multi-campus coverage
  • Minimum and maximum number of hours per month or year
  • Hourly, monthly, or annual payment rates
  • Maximum annual compensation
  • Payments for attending meetings, chairing committees

Information Security

MD Ranger is designed around the best security practices employed in the commercial banking sector to ensure confidentiality of data. Our software and website developers have created commercial applications both domestically and internationally for major corporations for over two decades.

Structural Security

  • The HTTP Secure protocol (https) is used for all MD Ranger data collection and analysis
  • SSL Server Certificates that support AES 256-bit encryption
  • All pages encrypted for transmission
  • Administrator and developer access is restricted to trusted IP addresses
  • MySQL version 5 database software and PHP 5 application software
  • Server access firewalled
  • Twice-daily backups

Confidentiality of Information

All submitted information is maintained in a confidential database with access limited to authorized employees of MD Ranger.

Compliance with Federal Regulations

MD Ranger's data is collected and reported in compliance with the Antitrust Safety Zone (Statement 6) published by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission.

  • The data are more than three months old
  • Any statistic reported contains data from at least 5 providers, with no provider contributing more than 25 percent of any statistic on a weighted basis (provider defined as one hospital corporation or health system, not physician or facility)
  • Statistics are aggregated to prevent the identification of individual contract prices or specific providers